There is a wide collection of books for all the offered subject areas in our library. The students can have references for their subjects besides the prescribed books. The college also encourages the students to read relevant papers, magazines, report and journals.



As a part of course, the students need to work and experiment in various laboratories. The college has well-equipped laboratories for these purposes.


Computer Lab

In our computer lab the students can do their assignments, surf the internet for e-resource and services.


Our counselor will advise and guide prospective students, who want to join LBV, regarding their subject choice and career plans.


The college provides scholarships to college toppers and intelligent students from socially marginalized and economically deprived families.

Other Facilities

The college will constantly upgrade the facilities and add new ones as per the requirements. The college management also encourages and facilitates the students for leisure tours, fairs, sport events and social gathering.